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由衷感谢大家伴随着 Pick Me 一路成长



We're always grateful for your support and love all these while. 

We're working towards our goals,
one of them is to share more wonderful stationery & lifestyle items with all of you~ 

Today, we're on the first milestone and we're glad to announce that,
"We are an authorized distributor and re-seller for the brands below! "
Of course, there're more to come!

Below are the list of certified and authorized brands for your reference. More brands will be uploaded from time to time. Happy shopping without worries :)


- Bentoto House 本朵爱舍
- CardLover 信的恋人
- InFeel.Me
- Mo.Card 陌墨
- MissTime 拾光
- Mousrs 沐色
- Moore Paper Works 沐染
- Candy Poetry 糖诗

and more to come...

We're happy to know more about your brand too!

Contact us now and let's discuss further! :)

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