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[MUST HAVE!] Korea Multi-Purpose Quality Desktop Mat

RM 39.90

Korea Multi-Purpose PVC Desktop Mat


Multi-Purpose with Mouse Pad, Card Holder, Measurement Ruler with cutting plate, Pockets, etc. Waterproof, Anti-slipped.

Brown, Mint, White (Cream), Blue, Pink, Purple

Remark: Please note that the colour of product image as seen on the site may slightly differ from the actual product due to the calibration differences between computer monitors and tablet, etc.

These PVC mats are packed in a rolled format while originally imported from overseas. This is for efficient delivery as well as easy handling. When the PVC mats are rolled they take on a "memory” characteristic.

Don’t worry!

Just simply unpack your mat and leave it at room temperature. Once the mat has reached normal room temperature, carefully unroll the mat and place on a flat surface with the "bow” facing upward. Add weights to corners of the mat (or even the center part) if necessary (such as a small pile of books) to regain its natural flat format. :)

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